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Player Information
Name: Moony
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Character Information
Name: Armand
Fandom: The Vampire Chronicles
Timeline Summary: Shortly after the events described at the end of The Vampire Armand; that is, the turning of his pet mortals and Lestat awakening from his Memnoch-induced coma
Background: Armand’s wiki page
A synopsis of his book

Personality: Armand is, in a word, complicated.

From his years with the Children of Darkness, he's gotten into the mindset of being the Coven Master, being both the punisher and the teacher by turns when the situation calls for it, never showing what he's really thinking or feeling, never being intimate with anyone, and above all else, being the one who is in control. Always. He needs to be in control, likely in response to the way he was torn out of both his mortal life and his life with Marius.

Intertwined with all that his desire to be loved. By today's standards, we would call his parents and especially his father at best neglectful and at worst outright abusive, so his time was Marius was the only time he was shown any great amount of love. The next time he's shown to have any romantic feelings for anyone, they are for Lestat when he comes to Paris and disbands Armand's coven. There's also a great deal of anger at Lestat for destroying his coven, mixed in the love. (see “The Vampire Lestat”: when Lestat came to Armand to beg for blood to heal himself after being attacked by his fledgling Claudia, Armand is incensed because Lestat wanted the blood and not Armand himself.)

He is also deeply religious still- he was raised in the Eastern Orthodox Church, and could never quite forget those roots. This may be at least partially why the theology of the Children of Darkness held such appeal for him- their creed held that vampires had a place in God's creation,. To the former Brother Andrei, this probably hit close to home and was what ultimately led him to joining the cult rather than killing himself once they had sufficiently broken his will. This religious fervor was what lead Armand to attempt to immolate himself in the sun in Memnoch the Devil.

Armand as a mortal had a fiery, easily frayed temper and was prone to making rash decisions. As a vampire and being the age he is, he's developed patience- though he still snaps rather easily when provoked. Whether or not he's learned to think things through before making decisions is up for debate. He was a remarkably mature teenage boy, in most things, but he was still a boy when made, and it shows even now. Armand tends toward a childlike fascination with anything sufficiently new and modern, and is quick to cast off those people and things he's grown bored with. He often seems to run on ennui, though whether this is genuine or just an attitude he affects is unclear. He's also vain (he became enraged when someone cut his face in a duel), and often judges by outward appearances before all else (thinking how pretty Allessandra could be if she'd just wipe the dust off her face, comb her hair and wear nice clothes).

He can have an acidic tongue at times, though the only time we really see him use it is during his mortal lifetime in Kiev, toward his father and the older monks. Amadeo, notably, was much milder. The only time we really see him sass anyone in Venice is with Lord Harlech, the man he takes up with during one of Marius' trips, where he sarcastically asks if Harlech will bring him to England in pieces (mocking both the man's temper and his statement that he wanted Amadeo and Harlechs always got what they wanted). He also shows David Talbot the sharper side of his tongue before beginning his dictation in The Vampire Armand, but seemed genuinely apologetic about it afterward.

As the Coven Master, he is cunning and pragmatic to a fault in addition to the aforementioned ruthlessness. He is also cruel, childishly so, in that he doesn't care over much who his actions hurt as long as he gets what he wants in the end. It wouldn't be unfair to call him a demon with the face of angel. It also wouldn't be unfair to call him a misguided child who's desperate for love. Both are equally true.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities: He shares all the standard powers of the vampires in his 'verse - enhanced strength and speed, heightened senses, and what is referred to in-universe as the 'Mind Gift': an amalgamation of telepathy, telekinesis, and a limited sort of empathy.

Armand is particularly skilled with the Mind Gift, able to use it on others without their ever detecting him. He's also especially skilled at something referred to as the 'Spell Gift': a method of enchanting mortals and fellow vampires alike via glamours and illusions, which seems to be a distinctly seperate entity from the Mind Gift and which, it’s implied, is a power usually only seen in especially old or powerful vampires. Armand is noteworthy in that he displayed this ability even as a fledgling, probably due to having a very old and powerful sire. He typically uses some combination of the two skills when hunting.

He is also able to seduce people quickly and easily, a skill which Daniel Molloy would comment (during their time together in Queen of the Damned) was 'almost beyond his control.' Whether this power of seduction is part and parcel of his vampire nature or something unique to Armand is never made clear.
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